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My Bees Hatched Chicks!

I LIVE on a small farm in the north of Sweden. Recently, when two of my hens started incubating eggs, I took notice of their actions. A couple of days after the first chicks were hatched, some of them went out for a stroll and happened to pass by

The Banyan—One Tree Becomes a Forest

A FOREST is usually made up of many trees. But there is a forest that is made from just one tree. The banyan is a most unusual tree, which can spread until it covers an area of more than five acres [2 ha]! How does it start growing? How does

The Mistral—A Master Landscape Designer

PARALLEL hedges in tidy rows, villages huddled together on leeward hillsides, and trees that appear to have lost all their leaves and branches on one side. These are features common to the landscape of Provence in southeast France, and the wind called the mistral had a hand in all of

Radio—An Invention That Changed the World

A RIFLE shot rent the silence of the Italian countryside. That signal gave Guglielmo Marconi confirmation that the rudimentary equipment he was using had worked. Electromagnetic waves generated by a transmitter and radiated into space had been picked up a mile and a half [2.5 km] away by a receiver.

Captivated by the Cuddly Koala- Part; 1

ONE OF the most fascinating surprises in strange, unexplored lands in times past must have been the discovery of exciting and unusual animals. This was surely the case in Australia after the year 1788. Back then, penal colonies around Port Jackson (now Sydney) were settled by convicts brought as prisoners from

The Body—Wonderfully Made to Enjoy Life!

SCIENTISTS acknowledge that the human body is wonderfully made, truly a marvel of design and engineering. When all our body parts are working normally, we can do and enjoy things that are absolutely amazing. For example, look at your hands. They are exquisitely designed to accomplish so many things in

Beauty in the Air

HER fine silky hair bouncing in the breeze, the little girl pursues her “prey”—a lovely, delicate butterfly. Joining in her little game, the butterfly obligingly alights on this flower and that. Then, as if to tease, it flies away just as the tiny cupped hands are about to capture

The Dolphin at Our Doorstep

IT LOVES warm, shallow tropical waters, whether salty or fresh, murky or clear. Its range covers an area from India’s Bay of Bengal through the Malay Archipelago to northern Australia. Yet, few people—especially Australians, whose northern doorstep may hold the largest concentrations of this animal in the world—have ever