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Horses Were My Life

Tiny hooves peeped through first, followed by a head resting on a pair of front legs. I had some difficulty with the shoulders, but the rest came out very quickly. Once the umbilical cord was severed, the mare jumped to her feet, whinnying for joy and impatient to see her foal. THIS was just

The Microsurgeon at Work

T Watching the surgeons working at their task, one is impressed by the patience, concentration and coordination necessary to accomplish the desired result. Slow, gentle hand movements are required, so most microsurgeons avoid drinking coffee or alcohol before operating as these can produce tremors in the hands, imperceptible to the naked eye, but which appear like

I Gave Birth at Home

I Gave Birth at Home One woman describes why she chose to give birth at home, and how she prepared for the event. HERE in the United States one sometimes hears of a baby surprising his parents and being born, contrary to plan, somewhere other than in the hospital. But one seldom hears of parents

Home First Aid—How Prepared Are You?

Home First Aid—How Prepared Are You? WOULD you know what to do if one of your loved ones were injured? There are many situations where prompt action can prevent much pain and even save a life. Listed below are some first-aid procedures that you can take. Check your preparedness: • CUTS—If someone receives a serious