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How Can I Improve My Wardrobe?

ROBERT is desperate! He has to attend his sister’s wedding and has absolutely nothing to wear. Not that Robert is in what the Bible calls “a naked state.” (James 2:15) But Robert’s everyday outfits simply will not suffice for this formal occasion. Young Angela, though, has three social engagements

Is Your Home Safe?—20 Things to Check

Is Your Home Safe?—20 Things to Check “HOME, at last!” Perhaps you breathe a sigh of relief when you return from a hectic day’s work, happy to be safe and secure at home. But are you really safe? Ironically, some people face serious dangers at home that they may be unaware of. Especially those

I Gave Birth at Home

I Gave Birth at Home One woman describes why she chose to give birth at home, and how she prepared for the event. HERE in the United States one sometimes hears of a baby surprising his parents and being born, contrary to plan, somewhere other than in the hospital. But one seldom hears of parents

Five Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Life

INFLATION, sickness, malnutrition, poverty—these problems are widespread in developing lands. And there is no immediate solution in sight, at least from a human point of view. If you live in a developing land, is there anything you can do to improve the quality of your life? Yes,a there is! Following

That Colorful Coating—Paint in Canada

That Colorful Coating—Paint in Canada IT ADDS color to rooms in our homes, schools, offices and factories. Automobiles and toys are made attractive by it. It protects buildings, farm machinery and tools from the wind, rain, and heat from the sun. Truly, that colorful coating, paint, is enjoying wider popularity than at any time in history. Thousands

Is a Mobile Home for You?

ARE you looking for a home? Have you reached the conclusion that the average person simply cannot afford to buy one? In the last couple of years hundreds of thousands of families have had their need for housing filled by purchase of a mobile home. Today, there are about three million mobile homes in the United

Home Organization—Does It Make a Difference?

HOME, sweet home; for there the heart can rest,” said a poet. But often, because of its condition and appearance, the home is a source of frustration. Instead of feeling comfortable there, family members may want to be elsewhere. While you do not want your home to be like a factory—regimented and cold—could good home

Applying Practical Wisdom Around the Home

WISE King Solomon wrote: “When the axe is blunt . . . one must use more force; the wise man has a better chance of success.” No question about it, this is practical wisdom. Applying such wisdom around the home will mean saving time, effort and expense and will assure better results.—Eccl. 10:10, The New English