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Hormones as Medicine

“DENVER Woman Gives Birth to Sextuplets.” So read a front-page headline of the New York Times, September 18, 1973. The article featured pictures of the father and mother, both smiling. What accounted for their having these sextuplets? Hormone injections! The mother had been unable to conceive after giving birth

Anorexia and Bulimia—The Facts, the Dangers

“Food carries an emotional weight far heavier than anything that can be measured in calories or grams.”—Janet Greeson, author. ANOREXIA and bulimia are the two most common eating disorders. Each has its unique characteristics. Yet, as we shall see, both can be dangerous—even deadly. Anorexia—Self-Starvation Anorexia sufferers, anorexics, either refuse to

Tsetse Fly—Africa’s Curse?

WE HAD recently moved to a rural area in West Africa. Tropical forest surrounded us. One afternoon my wife walked into the closet and yelled: “There’s a horsefly in here!” The fly shot out of the closet and into the bathroom. I grabbed a can of insecticide and went after it,

The Wonder of Wool

WHAT is cozily warm in winter but surprisingly cool in summer? What is coarser than cotton, yet makes lightweight fabrics? What is a skier’s protection and a designer’s dream cloth? What can be stretched almost one third of its length and then return to its original length when released? The answer

Loss of a Limb—How You Can Reduce the Risk

MOST cases of limb loss can be prevented! And that is true even for people who suffer from peripheral vascular disease (PVD). As mentioned in the previous article, PVD is often the result of diabetes. Happily, diabetes can often be controlled. “Diet is the cornerstone of diabetic treatment whether or not

“surgeons” With a Wiggle and an Appetite

As repulsive as the thought may be to some, a capable and hygienic “surgeon” is making a resurgence—the lowly maggot. A report in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states that doctors in the United Kingdom conducted a pilot study on 12 patients with leg ulcers. Six were

Using Ladders—10 ways to make a Safety Checks?

U PAUL needed to change a bulb in an outside light fixture of his house. He also needed to clean the outside upstairs windows—his wife had mentioned this several times. But Paul kept postponing these jobs. Why? Because he had to use a ladder. His apprehension was reasonable. He knew that accidents involving ladders can cause serious,

Five Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Life

INFLATION, sickness, malnutrition, poverty—these problems are widespread in developing lands. And there is no immediate solution in sight, at least from a human point of view. If you live in a developing land, is there anything you can do to improve the quality of your life? Yes,a there is! Following