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How Can I Improve My Wardrobe?

ROBERT is desperate! He has to attend his sister’s wedding and has absolutely nothing to wear. Not that Robert is in what the Bible calls “a naked state.” (James 2:15) But Robert’s everyday outfits simply will not suffice for this formal occasion. Young Angela, though, has three social engagements

The Shoes You Wear, Final Part2; Children’s Shoes

Special care should be given to the selection of children’s shoes. Ill-fitting shoes are the most common cause of foot trouble among children and teen-agers. The problem often is that they outgrow their shoes. In this regard, The World Book Encyclopedia points out: “In children from 2 to 6 years old, shoe sizes change every

The Shoes You Wear,Part 1

h WHAT style shoe should I wear? Is this my correct size? How can I tell if the shoes are really well made? These questions and many more must be answered each time a pair of shoes is selected and bought. It is important to answer these questions wisely, for the purchase of a new

That Colorful Coating—Paint in Canada

That Colorful Coating—Paint in Canada IT ADDS color to rooms in our homes, schools, offices and factories. Automobiles and toys are made attractive by it. It protects buildings, farm machinery and tools from the wind, rain, and heat from the sun. Truly, that colorful coating, paint, is enjoying wider popularity than at any time in history. Thousands

What’s happening to Your Time?

‘DO YOU love life?’ asked Benjamin Franklin many years ago. ‘Then do not squander time; for that’s the stuff life is made of.’ Modern men and women are tempted to reply: “Squander it? I’d just like to find a little of it. I spend all day fighting the clock!” Is that how you feel? Are

Meeting the Challenge of Cleanliness

M  “MAMAAA, nakufa!,” the child cries. It means, “Mother, I am dying!” Attempted murder? No, a small child stands in a bowl and is being thoroughly scrubbed by his mother. In spite of vehement resistance, Mother completes her task! Such scenes are common in Africa in even the poorest of neighborhoods. Nevertheless, maintaining hygienic standards is not always

Your Clothing—How to Keep It as Good as New-Daily Care

Your Clothing—How to Keep It as Good as New-Daily Care WHAT has no mouth but “talks” about you all the time? Your clothes! Yes, your wardrobe reflects your attitude toward yourself, your family and even your employment. And, to a great extent, it is not money that makes it possible to be well dressed;