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Water and Your Health

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“YOU can’t rely on thirst to tell you how much water your body requires,” points out the magazine Health. Yet, drinking plenty of water is essential to our physical and emotional well-being, and even to our appearance. Our bodies continually lose water through sweat, tears, and urine as well as through our breath. This lost fluid must be replaced. How much is needed? Many authorities recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water—two quarts—every day.

Why? Water is vital for transporting nutrients within our bodies and for removing wastes. It is necessary for regulating our temperature and lubricating our joints. “Even the smallest deficit can leave you feeling tired . . . or ill,” notes Health. “Dehydration is a commonly overlooked cause of fatigue.” The magazine recommends: “Don’t be fooled by the liquid nature of coffee and tea, caffeinated soft drinks, and alcohol; they actually contribute to dehydration.” Caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics and cause the body to lose water.

In addition, “your skin needs water to stay soft and supple.” To assist in this, moisturizers may also be applied to the skin. But they do not add moisture. Rather, they leave a protective coating that helps to retain the moisture already in the skin. Retaining this moisture becomes more important with age, since our skin loses some of its ability to hold water as we get older.

Unhappily, in much of the world, considerable effort is required to obtain enough pure, clean water. But it is worth the effort. By all means, drink plenty of water, and take advantage of this simple way to look and feel your best!

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