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The Wonder of Wool

WHAT is cozily warm in winter but surprisingly cool in summer? What is coarser than cotton, yet makes lightweight fabrics? What is a skier’s protection and a designer’s dream cloth? What can be stretched almost one third of its length and then return to its original length when released? The answer

Marriage—Why Many Walk Out

FOCUSING on divorce in Hong Kong, where Eastern and Western cultures exist side by side, Asia Magazine observed: “Lack of communication, infidelity, sexual difficulties and incompatibility are factors which are usually at the heart of marital conflict with both Chinese and Western couples.” The story is the same elsewhere

How Can I Improve My Wardrobe?

ROBERT is desperate! He has to attend his sister’s wedding and has absolutely nothing to wear. Not that Robert is in what the Bible calls “a naked state.” (James 2:15) But Robert’s everyday outfits simply will not suffice for this formal occasion. Young Angela, though, has three social engagements

Metro Exodus review Game Reviews 2019

Metro Exodus review Metro Exodus is a journey through a nuclear hellscape that lures you in Metro Exodus is a terrific post-apocalyptic shooter that expands on the series without ignoring its roots.” Highs Brilliant environments and atmosphereBalanced blend of survival and actionEmotional and satisfying storyDeep customization options Lows Bugs can get in the wayOccasionally obtuse objectives The

Loss of a Limb—How You Can Reduce the Risk

MOST cases of limb loss can be prevented! And that is true even for people who suffer from peripheral vascular disease (PVD). As mentioned in the previous article, PVD is often the result of diabetes. Happily, diabetes can often be controlled. “Diet is the cornerstone of diabetic treatment whether or not

“surgeons” With a Wiggle and an Appetite

As repulsive as the thought may be to some, a capable and hygienic “surgeon” is making a resurgence—the lowly maggot. A report in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states that doctors in the United Kingdom conducted a pilot study on 12 patients with leg ulcers. Six were

Cdkeys my Ultimate Samaritan in Game keys

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